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Die Afrikaanse terug-skakels volg onder die Engelse skakels.

Ons werk nog aan die Afrikaanse bladsy.

We provide CEO'S with representative opinions of interest groups and stakeholders of their organisation on DVD or any other video format. While problems in an organisation may warrant disciplined academic research, we believe that such an expensive approach is not always necessary. We have adopted an informal approach which we found to be fast and effective. We also found that with our unique approach South Africans have no difficulty in calling a spade a spade.

Intended to be a mirror of corporate and individual behaviour, "Speak-Up - Talk Backô" provides information to management that reflects the true spirit of personnel in the day-to-day activities of the organisation.

Understanding ones constituency is a key success factor in any organization.

"Speak Up - Talk Backô" is designed to give top management an alternate view of their organization with a pragmatic approach that goes a long way in solving most problems.

"Speak Up - Talk Backô" is a very useful method to get to the bottom of things. It also encourages personnel to trust new endeavours by management. All other methods usually demoralize staff. The opinions are sourced in a unique and professional way.

Speak Up - Talk Backô

28 April 2003

To whom it may concern.

Corporate Video Quarterly Review : Feedback from SABC Personnel.

This letter serves to acknowledge that Kobus Petzer Directed and Produced the SABC's Quarterly Review Corporate Video. The said video was commissioned to get feedback from interest groups on how the SABC is doing as part of the Quarterly Review presentation to the SABC Board.

Kobus Petzer was directly instrumental in planning, co-ordination, scripting and over-all Executive Producer of the said project. The project entailed recording SABC staff members in various sector and divisions to talk about their views on how the SABC has been managed by top managers, directors and the CEO. The core question being "what is really going on within the SABC? "

The outcomes were set against the nature of the beast in any Pyramid organisation to filter information. Information that leaders need to make good decisions and also to keep role players positive in order to reach the goals that they set for the organisation. These filters are usually one or two managers in the communication line. Interviewees included stakeholders, producers, editors, administrative personnel and so forth that were promised that they could speak frankly by SABC CEO Peter Matlare.

Other views probed were in the form of direct questions:

∑ To find out what people really think of the SABC.
∑ What is wrong in their departments?
∑ What would help them to do a better job?
∑ What are some suggestions in running the SABC effectively?

The general public was also included to give a fair representation of the SABC's reputation in general. This was done by visiting taxi ranks, shopping centers and other public venues.

The results from the project and the skilful implementation regarding Qwaha Media Production's execution proved indeed successful. The SABC's divisional heads had for the first time, information that were both trivial and of high importance. There was effective input regarding to programming, staff moral, budgets and income. The CEO has expressed his sincere appreciation on a project well done.

Kind Regards

Deeno Naidoo
Project Manager
SABC Corporate Special Projects

More Comments

""Speak-Up - Talk Backô" is a reality-based tool. I had employees in my face talking to me over a weekend at my home on DVD. The honesty and straight talk from them provided me with valuable information that was much needed."

"The feedback on the DVD showed us how to streamline internal processes. It will also help us to practically create the right environment for employees to excel. The most important by-product was that the staff realized that we are truly interested in their well-being and future."

"Some stakeholders have highlighted some of our key successes that we can get exited about. Others have highlighted challenges and areas of improvement that we did not know of. "Speak Up - Talk Back" created the opportunity for management to engage each other on important issues."

Speak Up - Talk Backô - Feedback by a client

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