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Award-winning expertise. Technical excellence. Maximum creativity. That's BrightSide Editing, the Producer's full-service production and post-production facility for broadcast quality video.

Your every need can be catered for when creating that special video, DVD or TV broadcast. We are proud of our reputation for providing clients with a fast and stress-free working environment supported by our technical expertise. Our offline-online philosophy, integrated with many on-the-spot animation and graphic packages ensure a very smooth and efficient working environment. From documentaries to feature films, commercials and corporate videos, BrightSide Editing expertly takes you from concept to screen. BrightSide Editing provides you with a complete post-production solution.

Our flexibility is the key to a producer's peace of mind. At no extra cost the following is available for post-production purposes. If you quickly need a shot to enhance your product we will get it for you with the availability of three camera kits. For free. Mahala. It might be a messed-up presenter's link or a night shot or whatever is practical. You do not even have to go along if it is something that is simple to shoot. No hidden costs! Our mission is to make your life easier.

With proper briefing we can even edit your package and phone you to view the final product, or bring the edited version to you on a timeline wherever you are for final approval and adjustments. With our experience you will soon learn to trust us. We are the most flexible production people around because we know the frustrations that you have to cope with. For a small set-up fee we will even bring our standby edit suite to your premises and do the off-line there from fully digitised original footage if you are in one of those hectic phases of a production.

Our portable edit suite also makes it possible to attend a media event, and then cut your project on the spot for air or delivery later in the day.

BrightSide Editing have Avid DVXpress on-line video editing systems available, incorporating Boris FX, providing three real-time video editing layers and minimal rendering time for many layers over and above that. Software programmes for working with photos, graphics and logos are included. Once your video editing has been completed you can move onto the Nuendo Final Mix Suite for your audio mix and voice overs in the adjoining sound-booth. The music library consists of 150 CD's of all genre's ranging from Traditional African to Hard Hitting thumping beats.
Once completed your final product can be distributed on CD, VHS, DVD, Betacam, DVcam or even to the internet. BrightSide Editing also provides a complete DVD production service and acts as consultant to DVD productions.

We are a BEE company. The members of Qwaha Media Productions are Kobus Petzer and Eric Mmusi. Long before the term BEE was coined we actively promoted skills development at no cost because we believed that those who struggled to make a dignified living and who wanted to start their own venture needed all the help they could get. We still do. At BrightSide Editing our reputation as a training provider is built on 11 years of successful training delivery.

The man who runs the post-production outfit is the very talented technical expert, Tim Visser, who is also well known for his editing skills. The crew at BrightSide Editing is proficient in all areas of TV and Video productions, having been responsible for many Live Shows, TV Broadcasts, Corporate Videos, Promos and TV Ads.
We are proud of our work and serious about yours. This means that you do not have to worry about our part in your production.

Our fees are always very competitive. We know that you have to compete with other companies to get contracts. We therefore are happy to talk to you about package deals that will fit your budget. If you win, we win.


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Kobus Petzer & Associates

P O Box 48835

Roosevelt Park


You can contact us in Johannesburg:

Email: kwagga (at)

Phone: 082 8555 900

Office: 011 782 3937

Please phone Kobus Petzer on 082 8555 900. Or you can e-mail him and he will gladly answer your questions.

In an effort to stop spam software from downloading the e-mail address, you are requested to write down the e-mail address below and to replace the "(at)" with a "@".

You've seen our work


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