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"Cash handouts might sustain you for a few months, at the end of which your problems remain." - Dr. Nelson Mandela.

"The children who sleep in the streets, reduced to begging to make a living, are testimony to an unfinished job." - Dr. Nelson Mandela.

"Make every home, every shack or rickety structure a centre of learning." - Dr. Nelson Mandela.

BEE Devotion

BEE must focus on breaking down the barriers that hamper participation in the economy. The dignities of people are determined by the skills they possess and by their environment. We can do something about skills. Skills determine people's salaries and we actively assist people through training. The sharing of knowledge and equipment for training at no cost forms the basis of this commitment.

Qwaha Media Productions is rated as a BEE enterprise with unconstrained operational capacity.

Testimonial snippets of people and organizations that benefited from our devotion are available on request.

BEE Toewyding

SEB moet fokus op die verwydering van struikelblokke wat ekonomiese deelname verhoed. Qwaha Media Produksies bevorder die uitgangspunt aktief. Menswaardigheid word bepaal deur menslike vaardighede en deur omgewingsfaktore. Vaardighede bepaal salarisse en ons ondersteun mense prakties met opleiding. Die gratis oordrag van kennis en beskikbaarstelling van toerusting is die grondslag waarop ons 'n menswaardige bestaan bevorder.

Qwaha Media Produksies is gradeer as 'n SEB onderneming sonder operasionele beperkings.

Getuienis-uittreksels van mense en organisasies wat voordeel getrek het uit ons toewyding is beskikbaar op versoek.

The members of Qwaha Media Productions are Kobus Petzer and Eric Mmusi.

Die lede van Qwaha Media Produksies is Kobus Petzer en Eric Mmusi.

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Table 3 - Resources and Capacity of the Business Entity (Appropriate box ticked)

Unconstrained Operational Capacity.

Email: kwagga (at)

Phone: 082 8555 900

Office: 011 782 3937

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Communication Manager
Communication Manager

You've seen our work

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  • Table 3 illustrates that Qwaha Media Productions performs its core activities internally. It has support from a partner when contracting freelance workers. This is the norm in the industry and it therefore does not have an effect on the corporation's operational capacity.

  • Qwaha Media Productions has indicated that it has aided a number of enterprises in their development by transferring knowledge and sharing equipment.

  • Qwaha Media Productions is in possession of current financial statements and a valid tax clearance certificate.

  • Qwaha Media Productions has Unconstrained Operational Capacity.