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We offer creative solutions to market your product, service or image with visual impact.



We produce:

  • Television Programmes

  • TV & Radio Advertisements

  • Corporate Videos

  • Marketing Videos

  • Training Videos

  • Induction Videos

  • Stage Productions etc.

Effective communication!

A video (DVD, VHS, Betacam, etc.) is rarely perceived to be subjective. It can therefore communicate convincingly on your behalf about your company, your products and your team.

Our products will elevate your company, your products and your services. It will capture the imagination of your viewers and it will focus their attention exactly where you want it focused.

Better prices!

Our experience in a variety of production disciplines benefits our clients. Think about it: We produced TV and Radio Advertisements, Corporate Videos, Training Videos, Multimedia Projects and TV Programmes. Special events are recorded with a singe-camera team or with a multi-camera broadcast unit.

It is patently obvious: Our experience results in well-directed productions at much better prices.


We do not compromise on quality. Our philosophy is simple and pure: when the customer wins, so do we. This win-win philosophy guides us to provide our customers with quality service and outstanding products.

And we never forget that our task is to help our customers to reach their objectives. We accomplish that with good advice and first-rate productions.

Why are our products so effective?

We undertake big and small projects with the same enthusiasm. We work hard everyday to make sure that the messages in our products are tailored for a specific audience: yours!

People that we worked with in a variety of production styles:

Dr. Nelson Mandela, Pres. Thabo Mbeki, Lucky Dube, Rina Hugo, Leon Schuster, Thulasizwe Nkabinde, Amor Vittone, Rodney Seale, Jan de Wet, Mike and the Mechanics and many more ...

Kobus Petzer & Associates

P O Box 48835

Roosevelt Park


You can contact us in Johannesburg:

Please phone Kobus Petzer on 082 8555 900. Or you can e-mail him and he will gladly answer your questions.

In an effort to stop spam software from downloading the e-mail address, you are requested to write down the e-mail address below and to replace the "(at)" with a "@".

E-mail: kwagga (at)

Phone: 082 8555 900

Office: 011 782 3937

You do not need to be the biggest fish in the pond to be visible. Contact us!
You do not need to be the biggest fish in the pond to be visible. Contact us!

Communication advice.

Scripting and Storyboarding.

Recording with a single-camera team.

Recording of events with a multi-camera broadcast unit.


Final Mix (Audio).

Promotions and Road Shows.

Communication Shows, etc.

Award: ATKVeertjie

Hosanna!, a religious programme on SABC 2, received an ATKV award for the best actuality programme of 2001. The programme was commissioned by Ed Worster of SABC Religion and was produced by Kobus Petzer. The programme investigated Doxa House, a facility for homeless and unemployed people in the inner-city of Pretoria.

Video recording vehicle
Video recording vehicle

Our services include the following:

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